Latent Print Development Facts: The Reality of Recovering Latent Prints

Latent Print Development Facts: The Reality of Recovering Latent Prints. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Series which first aired in October of 2000 has made “latent prints” a household term. The effect that the show has on the public perception of the forensic sciences cannot be ignored and is commonly referred to as the “CSI Effect” on jurors during trials. The show depicts valuable evidence being gathered at every crime scene and that these pieces of evidence are ultimately the key to solving the crime. Little if any significance is placed upon the other aspects of the criminal investigation such as canvassing the area for witnesses, interviews, and surveillance. The series often depicts unrealistic or extremely rare scenarios in which crime scene technicians are able to successfully process or develop pristine latent...
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Fair, Accurate, Forensic Photographs Enhance Legal Cases

Fair, Accurate, Forensic Photographs Enhance Legal Cases. Ever since the introduction of photography in 1839 by Louis Daguerre, the science and art behind photographs have been applied to the justice system. In most major cases, whether civil or criminal, there has been a heavy demand for quality forensic photographs. Fair, accurate forensic photographs enhance legal cases. Forensic photographers must be versed in a wide variety of imaging scenarios each requiring specialized equipment, techniques and advanced levels of experience. The modern forensic photographer must be more than a person holding a camera; they need to be versed in every aspect of the camera and lens, a lighting technician, a color specialist, investigator, communicator and even an expert witness. What does this all mean to the attorney litigating the case? If you start...
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Cohabitation Investigation Tips by New Jersey Private Investigator

Cohabitation Investigation Tips to help accurately document Cohabitation and / or Alimony Reduction cases. Your first consideration when contemplating this type investigation would be what your lawyer requires to defend your case in court. Every attorney has their own opinion of what constitutes cohabitation and they will be the ones presenting your motion before the judge. The investigative services of a trained, licensed private investigator specializing in surveillance and investigative documentation should be considered a necessary part of your legal team. This is just one of the many specialized investigative services offered by DLG Investigatiors. The court outlined the definition of cohabitation as “Cohabitation may qualify as “changed circumstances” warranting modification or termination of alimony payments set forth in a PSA. Lepis, supra, 83 N.J. at 151....
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