Forensic Services

  • Specialized Video and Image Analysis
  • Crime Scene Analysis and Review
  • Latent Fingerprint Processing and Analysis
  • Accident Reconstruction Services


Specialized Evidence Photography from Monmouth County private investigator

Specialized Evidence Photography Services

Specialized Evidence Photography
best represents the extent of your client’s injuries and shows a history of how the injuries will last for a life time. Other than having the client in court at the time of injury professional evidence photography will document disfigurements for life. Our in house forensic photographer has more than 30 years experience as a forensic and professional photographer; as a specialist in lighting, he utilizes the knowledge, equipment, and experience to capture images that accurately show the matter at hand. Some of the evidence you want to consider for evidence photography is:

  • Personal Injuries
  • Hazardous Conditions
  • Product failure
  • Accident Scenes
  • Property Damage
  • Crime Scenes
  • Document Alterations

Monmouth County Specialized Video and Image AnalysisSpecialized Video and Image Analysis
Forensic image analysis includes the examination, evaluation, analysis, enhancement, authentication, comparison, and measurement of photographs to determine if they are what they purport to be, if they depict real events, and whether or not they have been altered. Our expert analyzes a person or object in a photo to another to determine if they are the same, different, or have common characteristics. This may include comparisons of people, clothing, or vehicles involved in crimes or accidents, or other objects of evidence in photographs, etc.

Crime Scene Analysis and Review consists of the complete review of reports, photographs and diagrams to ascertain whether the correct forensic and technical principles have been applied while processing the scene and any evidence related to the scene. Some of the technical specialties our experts review are the crime scene photography, evidence collection, latent evidence, ballistics, and bloodspatter evidence in order to correctly reconstruct the crime scene, This would not imply that the crime scene processing, evidence collection, or analysis have not been correctly executed, but may not have been completely examined, incorrectly identified, or complete laboratory testing has not been undertaken, Crime Scene investigation is not only about the inclusion of a person or suspect but the exclusion of a person or potential subject of interest. This analytical review of your client’s case can reveal facts that may be relevant to your case litigation.

Monmouth County Latent Fingerprint ComparisonLatent Fingerprint Processing and Analysis is the detection, collection, preservation, analysis and presentation in court of fingerprint evidence in cases of homicide, arson, rape, robbery, various other major crimes and vehicular death. Fingerprints can be one of the best forms of evidence linking a person to a particular item of evidence or crime scene. We can provide expert latent fingerprint processing utilizing the latest methods, along with comparison and identification of unknown fingerprints to known fingerprints not only in crime scene investigations but also in other types of cases.

Fingerprints can be found in three different forms:

  • Latent fingerprints are those that are not readily visible without some sort of processing. Processing can include the application of powders, or the use of chemicals or visualization of light energy.
  • Patent fingerprints are those that are readily visible without any enhancement. These prints can include ones in blood, grease, or oil. Patent prints are generally documented through photography.
  • Plastic prints are three-dimensional impressions in substances such as putty, soap, or a soft ply able compound.


Monmouth County Accident Reconstruction

Monmouth County accident reconstruction

Accident Reconstruction Services We offer complete expert analysis in motor vehicle accident reconstruction. Reconstruction services include accidents involving automobiles, pedestrians, motorcycles, bicycles, and trucks. We perform the necessary investigative work and gather the appropriate data to complete our analysis. Analysis includes investigating the scene, reviewing photographs, taking photographs, reviewing reports, interviewing witnesses, inspecting vehicles, pre and post crash speed computation, skid mark evaluation, time and distance analysis, rest positions of vehicles, seat belt analysis, tire analysis, air bag deployment, roadway factors, roadway geometry, traffic signals and patterns, roadway conditions, friction evaluation, lighting conditions, weather conditions, sight distance, as well as any other case specific relevant factors necessary to perform a complete analysis.

Our analysis may also include the download and interpretation of data from what is commonly referred to as the black box or event data recorder.