Interviews & Statements

Monmouth County Interviews & StatementsA legal case is only as strong as the evidence that supports it. Strong evidence must be thoroughly documented whether it be by written word, video or photographic documentation or demonstrative means. What witnesses know may help, but it also may not, our investigators who conduct interviews and obtain statements have hundreds of hours of training in interviewing, interrogations and statement taking skills and possess extensive backgrounds in law enforcement which provides them with the unique ability to know how to document the interview and statement in a professional. When you require detailed statements for your case our investigators review all facts of your case preparing for a pre-statement interview, once the interview is completed a formal statement is recorded. All statements are accompanied by professionally written investigative reports.

We are flexible when scheduling witness statements making it convenient as to a meeting location.


Interviews & Statements

We ask the right kind of questions which are toughly documented and recorded in one of several methods:

Type written statement: This statement is a question / answer typewritten document which is printed and provided to the witness at the time for review and correction. The witness is requested to acknowledge each page with their initials and sign the end of the statement which is then notarized. The statement is helpful with refreshing the memory of the witness when the time comes for legal proceedings.

Videotaped statement: This statement is a question / answer interview which is recorded with high definition video cameras providing a superior quality video image and audio sound. A video statement allows for the use of demonstrative evidence or props. Video statements can also be used in case a witness is unavailable in person at the time of a legal proceeding. The audio portion can be transcribed for discovery purposes.

Telephone interview/statement: This type statement can take place with a witness who is located out of state and unavailable to travel to the tri state area. This interview can be audio recorded and also transcribed for discovery purposes.