Civil and Criminal Litigation Support

shutterstock_153880961Private investigators understand the requirements of attorneys and their clients who require civil and criminal litigation support. Our investigators can assist attorneys in locating witnesses, conducting interviews and statements, analyzing police and laboratory reports, conducting background checks on witnesses and litigants, and locating assets. Our highly trained and experienced, retired law enforcement investigators conduct all investigations and prepare your case, always keeping in mind every step of the legal process from review and analysis of the initial incident, witness interviews, background checks on key witnesses and defendants, to looking into the backgrounds of any experts. We take pride in being part of your team, from the initial investigative stage, through the legal proceedings and on to trial, offering advice and assistance as needed.


Our services include:


  • Identifying, locating, and interviewing witnesses:
    We are able to quickly locate most witnesses. We conduct effective interviews of witnesses and subjects and take statements in written, audiotape or video formats.
  • Conducting fact based investigations:
    Our investigations probe the facts you need addressed and we provide you with the answers required to make the best decisions on even your most complex cases.
  • Locating assets:
    Our investigators and forensic accountants work diligently to locate assets, both personal and business.
  • Scene Investigation:
    We provide professional and representative forensic photography and scene engineering diagrams.
  • Focusing and limiting the scope of discovery:
    We can provide background information on witnesses and parties to a civil or criminal matter. We are able to provide information to refute or confirm information developed by discovery.
  • Conducting background investigations:
    We conduct background checks to uncover personal, professional, financial, civil and criminal histories.