Skip Tracing in NJ

Neptune Skip TracingA skip is a subject(s) who has fled or abandoned an obligation, such as abandoning a spouse and children. When you have been a victim of such an unreliable person we can help you locate them even if they are hiding in a different area of the United States.

Skip tracing is a process used to find someone who is missing. It requires gathering, organizing and analyzing large amounts of data on an individual to draw a conclusion about where he or she may be.

We access documents such as court files, property and motor vehicle records or proprietary electronic databases. Throughout the data collection, we try to verify everything before deciding what to do next, because looking into false leads can waste time and give an inaccurate picture of someone’s location. We will travel to where we think the person is living to verify that the information uncovered is correct. We have enjoyed much success with locating even your oldest and most difficult skips, including debtor, deadbeat parents and former employees. Please give us a call to discuss your case.

We only accept skip tracing assignments meeting the following permissible purposes.

  • Assistance with the service of legal papers, or the collection of a debt
  • Enforcement of a judgment, child support payments, or other court order
  • Assist with the recovery of missing or stolen property
  • Locating witnesses in a documented civil or criminal proceeding
  • Settlement of a will or estate
  • Locating an immediate family member who is lost or missing