Background Checks

Background ChecksHaving all the facts can make or break your pleadings, depositions or even your case. We can help you search for the truth about a new employee, new business relationship, new babysitter, new boy or girl friend. We can help you uncover all you need to know about a person when it’s truly important.
Our investigators can tailor a background investigation to your needs, providing you with the information you require in the time frame you request. Our investigators will dig deep to find out a person’s real background, using, but not limited to, databases that search public records, in-person interviews, review of courthouse documents, and conversations with law enforcement.
As licensed private investigators, our background results are based on current, timely information, current searches, public records and up to date databases, not cheap internet search engines whose results can be outdated by years. We are results oriented, trained professionals, who know how to get the right information for you.

Some of the information our background checks may find include:


  • Premarital Background Checks
  • Social Media and Internet Presence
  • Pre-Employment Background Checks
  • Nanny Checks
  • Professional Licensing
  • Property Ownership
  • Judgments, Liens, or other Civil Actions
  • Criminal Records & Convictions
  • Police Reports
  • Sex Offender Registration
  • Past & Present Addresses
  • Department of Corrections Records
  • Tax Records
Background Checks in Monmouth & Ocean County

Background Checks in Monmouth & Ocean County