Cohabitation Investigations in NJ

Neptune Cohabitation Investigations

Cohabitation Investigations in NJ

Suppose you are paying your ex- spouse alimony and said ex-spouse is residing or cohabitating with another adult. If you suspect that person is contributing to the ex-spouse’s support or is effectively subsidizing the dependent spouse at the supporting spouse’s expense, you may have justification to decrease the amount you are paying in support.

If there is proof the couple has been cohabiting, the attorney handling your case can file a petition to the courts requesting to change your alimony judgment. However, you are responsible for providing the evidence needed to make your case. We can help you obtain that evidence needed to successfully reduce your alimony.

We can conduct surveillance in an attempt to obtain video of the cohabitant’s vehicle in your ex-spouse’s driveway at night, late enough to determine that they will most likely be spending the night. We can video document their vehicle early in morning, showing that they have spent the night as well as showing the vehicle departing the residence, proving that the vehicle was not just parked at that address. This surveillance and documentation continues for a set period of time to show a pattern of cohabitation, not just a casual relationship.

Monmouth & Ocean County Cohabitation Investigations

Cohabitation Investigations

We will check incoming mail to see if the third party is receiving mail at that address, run a utility bills search to determine if the third party has any utilities in their name at your ex-spouse’s residence, and check to see if the third party has any vehicles registered at your ex-spouse’s residence. We have access to proprietary databases specifically designed for private investigators which allow us to conduct searches with updated information.

With the evidence we obtain to prove the permanent residential arrangement, you could benefit from a reductions in your court imposed payments. The amount you may spend on your cohabitation investigation will be small compared to the savings of your adjusted alimony payment. Consult your attorney if there is proof the couple has been cohabiting; the attorney handling your case is the best source to advise on how to proceed with any evidence gathered.